The Western Australian Explorers’ Diaries Project is a bold, successful initiative by a dedicated band of volunteers to make available the reports and journals of all Western Australian exploration from 1826 through to the present.

These reports and journals are published as Western Australian Exploration - a must for modern day explorers and travellers, and anyone interested in the discovery and naming of places and features in Western Australia.

The diaries, letters and reports of exploration have proved to be useful sources for modern research historians and especially those engaged in heritage matters and native title history. For those who wish to retrace the routes of the first explorers these volumes are an essential reference.

Since the inception of the Project in 2000, Western Australian Exploration has established its reputation as a substantial and credible Project, garnering more attention from its audience and sponsors. The current quantum of the Project’s output is more than 7000 pages and in excess of 4.5 million words over 16 Volumes.

The work continues with eight Volumes currently in preparation and a substantial list of Companion Volumes published or to be published by Hesperian Press under the aegis of the Historical Records of Western Australia.

Western Australian Exploration is pre-eminent in the exploration heritage of Western Australia. Nowhere else in the world has a Project such as this been undertaken.