Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

  • Inclusion of your name and short bio in every volume of Western Australian Exploration to which you contribute
  • Networking with a team of experienced and enthusiastic, like-minded people who care about Western Australia’s exploration history.
  • Access to information not generally available to members of the public.
  • Access to a range of resources for personal research – including books and knowledge provided by other members, and the sharing of skills.
  • Researching, typing, editing and publishing support for personal projects that contribute to the Western Australian Explorers’ Diaries Project.
  • Assistance and advice on publishing Family Histories.
  • Gaining training and skills related to research, editing and publishing.
  • The opportunity to be involved in editing and publishing other Western Australia related history books.
  • Having opportunities, on a user pays basis, to field trips and expeditions related to exploration journals of Western Australia.
  • Discounts on the purchase of Hesperian Press books.
  • Gaining an awareness of newly published Western Australian related books.
  • Advice of out-of-print publications and the availability of difficult-to-obtain publications.

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