Companion Volumes

Companion Volumes to the Western Australian Exploration series

Since 2005, the 'Historical Records of Western Australia' arm of the Western Australian Explorers' Diaries Project, through Hesperian Press, has delivered a number of companion volumes of Western Australian Exploration. Note that these published works have not been subjected to the rigorous editing applied to Volumes of the Western Australian Exploration series.

Hesperian Press -  Publisher of the Western Australian Exploration series

Australia Twice Traversed by Ernest Giles.

A Varied and Versatile Life - The Memoirs of F. Wittenoom by R.F.B. Lefroy.

C.C. Hunt's 1864 Koolyanobbing Expedition by Kim Epton.

Commandant of Solitude by Neville Green and D.J. Mulvaney.

Do Not Yield To Despair by Mike Donaldson and Ian Elliot.

Expedition Eastward from Northam by the Dempster Brothers, Clarkson, Harper and Correll, July-August 1861 by Lesley Brooker.

Expeditions in Western Australia 1837-1839 by Sir George Grey.

Explorers Routes Revisited : Moore Expeditions 1836 : Drummond Expeditions 1841-1842 by Lesley Brooker.

Explorers Routes Revisited : Roe Expedition 1836 by Lesley Brooker.

Explorers Routes Revisited : Clarkson Expedition 1864 by Lesley Brooker.

The Forgotten Explorers : pioneer geologists of Western Australia by John Glover with Jenny Bevan.

In the Hands of Providence by W.J. Peasley.

The Journal of the Calvert Scientific Exploring Expedition, 1896-7 by L.A. Wells.

Journals of Australian Exploration by A.C. & F.T. Gregory.

Journey Across the Western Interior of Australia by P.E. Warburton.

Kimberley Scenes : Sagas of Australia's Last Frontier by Cathie Clement and Peter Bridge.

Nathaniel William Cooke by Peter Bridge.

The Old North Road by W.J. de Burgh.

Potjostler : The Life of William Carr Boyd explorer, prospector, and raconteur by Peter Bridge, et al.

Rivers of the Kimberley by Kim Epton.

Spinifex and Sand by David W. Carnegie.

Sun and Sand by Michael Terry.

To King George the Third Sound for Whales by Rod Dickson.

Untold Miles by Michael Terry

Walker in the Wilderness by Judith Anketell.

Winning the Gascoyne by Rhonda McDonald.

Other Published Works on Exploration in Western Australia

A Different Time. The Expedition Photographs of Herbert Basedow 1903-1928 by David Kaus.

Account of an Expedition to Explore South-Western Australia, Eastward of the Settled Districts, and Beyond Hampton Plains by Alexander Forrest.

Additional Notes on the North Australian Exploring Expedition by Thomas Baines.

Alexander Collie by Gwen Chessell.

Amazing Career by R.F. Mercer.

Ancient Landmarks by Mary A. Bain.

Ascent of the Albert River in search of the Letters of Mr A.C. Gregory by James Flood.

Australia's Last Explorer : Ernest Giles by Geoffrey Dutton.

The Beckoning West : The story of H.S. Trotman and the Canning Stock Route by Eleanor Smith.

The Beginning : European Discovery and Early Settlement of Swan River Western Australia by R.T. Appleyard and Toby Manford.

Big John Forrest 1847-1918 by F.K Crowley.

Bushman Born by Helen Wood Wilson.

Busselton : Outstation on the Vasse 1830-1850 by Rodger Jennings.

'The Caroline' by Iris Aamot.

The Desert Coast by Edward Stokes.

Desert Journeys : An Account of the Arduous Exploration of the Interior of the Continent of Australia by Rival Expeditions in 1873-4 by Geoffrey Rawson.

The Development of Mobility in the Exploration of Australia by Bill Cooper and Glen McLaren

The Diary of Bishop Torres by Fulgentius Torres.

Discoveries in Australia Vol I and II by John Lort Stokes.

E.T. Hooley, Pioneer Bushman by Eloise Sharp.

Esperance Yesterday and Today by John Rintoul.

Expedition to the North West coast of Australia by Royal Geographical Society of London.

Explorations in Australia by John Forrest.

Explorations near the Border of Western Australia by Michael Terry.

Eyre The Forgotten Explorer by Ivan Rudolph.

First The Spring. A History of the Shire of Kojonup, Western Australia by Merle Bignell.

Forrest 1847-1918, Volume 1 1847-91 by F.K. Crowley.

From the de Grey to the Overland Telegraph Line, 1879 by W.J. Peasley.

George Grey goes exploring - The Interplay of Personalities, Politics and Place by J.M.R. Cameron.

The Helpman Journals by F.M. Christie.

He Rode Alone : - Being the Adventures of Pioneer Julius Brockman from his Diaries by Joan Brockman.

The Hentys by Marnie Bassett.

The Hero as Murderer, The life of Edward John Eyre by Geoffrey Dutton.

In the Northwest of the Australian Desert by Frederick G. Clapp.

John Forrest by David Mossenson.

John Forrest : Man of Legend by Cyril Ayris.

John Forrest - Architect and Founder of Modern Western Australia by Martyn Webb.

Journal of the Government North-West Expedition by Herbert Basedow.

Journals of Several Expeditions Made in Western Australia During the Years 1829, 1830, 1831 and 1832 Under the Sanction of the Governor, Sir James Stirling by Joseph Cross.

Journey across the Western Interior of Australia, from Murchison River to Peake Station by John Forrest.

Journey Across the Western Interior of Australia by John Forrest.

Journey from Western Australia to Warina in South Australia by W. Carr Boyd.

The Kimberleys Explored. Forrest Expedition of 1879 by Arthur Hicks.

Knights and Theodolites : A Saga of Surveyors by F.M. Johnston.

A Land of Opportunities by E.J. Stuart.

The Last Coach by John Bird.

Leichhardt Search Expedition by John Forrest.

Letter to the Governor of South Australia from Peake Station by John Forrest.

Maitland Brown, A View of Nineteenth Century Western Australia by Peter Cowan.

North Australian Exploring Expedition by Augustus C. Gregory.

North West Exploration : Journal of Expedition from De Grey to Port Darwin by Alexander Forrest.

Not An Idle Man by J.L Burton-Jackson.

Notes From A Journal of Exploration in Western Australia by Alexander Forrest.

On Forrest's Expedition into the Interior of Western Australia by Charles Nicholson.

Pearl Shell and Pastures by Kathy De La Rue.

The Penetration of the Western Deserts of Australia by J.S. Beard.

A Pioneer Pearler. Reminiscences of John Wood by John Wood.

Report of a Trip from York towards Hampton Plains by Alexander Forrest.

Report upon the Anchorages in Beagle Bay and King's Sound by W.E. Archdeacon.

Reports of the Expedition to King George's Sound 1841 and the Death of Baxter by Edward J. Eyre.

The Secret Agenda of Western Australian Explorer, Robert Dale by Karen Severud Cook.

Special Survey North West District by John Forrest.

The Spread of the Cat in Australia by Ian Abbott.

They Wished Upon A Star : A History of Southern Cross and the Yilgarn by P.T.McMahon.

W. Whitfield Mills : Experiences with Darwin Survey & Overland Telegraph Parties and Discovery of Alice Spring : From SA to WA by Camel by W.A. Mills.

Waterless Horizons by Malcolm Uren.

A West Australian Expedition in December 1829 by John Kent.

William Dampier by Christopher Lloyd.