Acknowledgements – DDD


The nephew of Henry Hill, Mr Frank Louis Hill of Heathcote, Victoria and his son, Phillip James Hill of Doncaster, Victoria showed great enthusiasm and provided encouragement in the preparation of this fascinating journal for publication more than a century after the events detailed herein by their close kinsman, Henry W. Hill, and after almost a decade of research and refinement by the Editors.

The vast number of relatives of the explorers were most accommodating with advice and memories.

The help of Barbara Williamson, Gail Dreezens and Angela Teague in typing the manuscript and appendixes is appreciated.

Moya Sharp was most obliging in genealogical searching.

Frank de Cinque of the Department of Mines Records Office was painstaking in his search for old records.

David Whiteford of the Battye Library gave access to the Hill papers for copying.

The staff of the State Records Office were were accommodating in the Editors’ seearch and copying of relevant files.