Contributing Authors – Due North

Contributing Authors – Due North

Introduction by Dr Marion Hercock

Dr Marion Hercock wrote The Introduction for Western Australian Exploration 1826-1835 and is the Editor or Principal Editor of four Volumes in the Western Australian Exploration series. She is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and an adjunct research fellow with the School of Earth and Geographical Sciences at the University of Western Australia where she has also lectured in geography. Publications include works on resource use and environmental management in Western Australia; and geographical and scientific thought. She previously ran Explorer Tours, an educational tour company that specialised in following original exploration routes.

Appendix on Flora by Dr Alex George

Alex George, AM, is a retired consultant botanist, editor and indexer, and is the Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Murdoch University. He worked at the WA Herbarium for 22 years and then spent 12 years in Canberra as the Executive Editor of the Flora of Australia project. He has also served twice at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, England, as Australian Botanical Liaison Officer. His taxonomic research has focused on the families Proteaceae, Myrtaceae and Gyrostemonaceae, resulting in naming many new species and several new genera. His main research interests are now Australian botanical history and bibliography. Professor George prepared the Appendix on Flora for all Volumes.

Appendix on Fauna by Dr Ian Abbott

Dr Ian Abbott is a retired public service scientist. He has written the Appendix on Fauna for all volumes of Western Australian Exploration.  An ecologist with wide field experience in western and eastern Australia and the Galápagos, he has degrees from the University of Sydney, Monash University, and the University of Western Australia. Dr Abbott has expertise in biogeography, island, forest and historical ecology, and ecological history, as well as expert knowledge of trees, invertebrates, birds and mammals. Since his first scientific paper in 1970, he has published over 240 papers.

Appendix on the Loss of the Emma by Peter Bridge, OAM

Peter Bridge wrote The Introduction to Exploration Eastwards 1860 – 1869. He is the Editor or Principal Editor for eight Volumes in the Western Australian Exploration series and is a co-Founder and co-Series Editor of the Project.