Elder Expedition

Journal of the Elder Scientific Exploring Expedition 1891-1892

EDITORS   Peter Bridge, OAM, Celene Bridge, Calliope Bridge.

Published 2019.



This ‘splendidly-equipped expedition’ was enabled by the generous financial support of Sir Thomas Elder, organised by the Royal Geographic Society and led by David Lindsay. Its object was to explore the country between Forrest’s 1874 route and Giles’ route 1875 route thus ‘completing the exploration of Australia’.

The expedition set out from Warina Siding, South Australia in 1891 with 14 men (three scientists) and 44 camels. Entering Western Australia they experienced difficult drought conditions that prevented them following their planned route. On reaching Geraldton, the scientists resigned and Lindsay was recalled to Adelaide. The expedition continued through to Wiluna under the command of L.A. Wells before being recalled by Elder.

The expedition collected vocabularies from the Pidong tribe at the head of the Murchison River, the Minninng (Mirning) tribe at Fraser Range, W.A., the Illbillee tribe at the Everard Ranges, S.A., and the Wallawe tribe at Yarragabie Station, Murchison. These are included after the Journal. This Volume includes an Appendix by Dr Alex George on the plants reported by the expedition. Dr Ian Abbott's Appendix on fauna includes much detail about the expedition generally in his Discussion. Biographical Notes of all the men who were part of the Expedition are included in Appendix 3.  The full Anthropology Report by Richard Helms, which has not been available for over a century, has been included with six colour plates and many black and white photographs. The full map of the expedition is included.


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