Evidences of an Inland Sea

Evidences of an Inland Sea


With an Introduction by Dr J.M.R. Cameron.

Published 2008.



George Fletcher Moore’s Evidences of an Inland Sea, published in Dublin in 1837, details an important chapter in the history of Australian exploration. Its purpose was to demonstrate the existence of a large lake or sea inland from Perth that resulted, partly, from the fascination early settlers had for the interior of the colony.

Moore, Western Australia’s first Advocate General, based his claim on evidence gathered during explorations beyond the Avon River to the east and as far north as the Moore River in the previous year. He also drew heavily on information provided by his Aboriginal companions who had seen and heard of the country he had yet to explore.

Long out of print, and extremely rare, Evidences of and Inland Sea reveals the deep fascination early colonists had for the interior of Western Australia. It also documents long forgotten sites of particular significance to local Aboriginal people such as the Boyay Gogomat or Owl Stone (the photograph on the front cover of the book).

This edition has been indexed, and contains an extensive introductory essay by Dr J.M.R. Cameron that places Moore's activities and ideas in their historical setting.

Moore’s route can be followed by the interested traveller, making a journey to the region more meaningful.

ISBN 978-0-85905-407-2

Published 2008.

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