In Savage Australia

In Savage Australia

BY Knut Dahl.

Published 2016.



Knut Dahl led expeditions into the NT and Kimberley in 1894-96. In Savage Australia was first published in English in 1926 but is not well known despite his interesting biological work and pertinent comments on the social habits of all races.

Dahl was a biologist with a wide knowledge and interest. Dr Ian Abbot has written the Foreword and an Appendix on the fauna described by Dahl.  Dahl was preceded in the Top End by only only two others and his choice of area to explore and study did not overlap his predecessors, thereby increasing his prospects of discovering new species. In the Kimberley Dahl was preceded by only two others and again he selected areas that did not overlap.

Written for a general readership, this book has clear and engaging prose, and a compelling narrative. It is an essential reference for anyone interested in northern Australia and, even with the passage of nearly a century, remains an interesting book to read today.

ISBN 978-0-85905-633-5

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