General Policy
The policy as to whether to include a report of an exploration is generally one of inclusion rather than exclusion.

Two or More Accounts of the One Exploration
Where two substantially different accounts of the one exploration are extant (for example, different start and/or finish points, different time of the year) both are included. If the two accounts are not substantially different, the more ‘interesting’ version is included and references to the other version(s) included.

Previously Published Exploration
Where the exploration has been documented and published (for example, Warburton, Grey) the particular expedition is only referenced in the applicable volume in the correct chronological sequence.

Future Publication of Exploration
Where the exploration has been documented and has been published or is due to be published in a discrete volume (for example, Roe, Forrest) the particular expedition is only referenced in the applicable volume in the correct chronological sequence.

Previously Explored Country
A report of travel over previously-explored country is included only if it offers additional or complementary information (thus allowing for the different training/expertise/experiences that explorers have).

Excursions by Naturalists and Scientists
Excursions by naturalists and scientists are excluded unless they offer new information of general interest about vegetation types and condition, soil types, indigenous people, hydrology, climatic/weather effects and similar matters. Accounts that simply offer bald lists of species are not exploration and are not included.

Maritime Exploration
Excerpts will be included if the expedition landed and explored and/or named features while coasting but otherwise Maritime Exploration diaries and reports will not be included.

Caves Exploration
The exploration of caves in Western Australia is not covered by this Project. Incidental exploration of a cave as part of an above ground exploration may be encountered.

Prospecting Exploration
Prospecting expeditions of significant importance that also include an element of exploration may be included as part of this Project.

Aerial Surveys and Exploration
Aerial Surveys and Exploration are not covered by this Project. When the current scope of work is completed a discrete volume on this method of exploration may be considered. If an aerial exploration is considered to be of sufficient importance it may be summarised in the applicable volume.

Missed Expeditions
Diaries of expeditions of exploration that have been located after publication of the applicable volume for the year of the exploration are reproduced at the beginning of the diaries in the next chronological volume.

Errata are listed with each volume to which they relate.

‘Cut Off’ Date
This is dependent on the region.
Kimberley is 1970.
Eastern Goldfields is 1890.
Central Deserts is 1970.
Pilbara is 1900.