Acknowledgements – Vol1

Acknowledgements – Western Australian Exploration Volume 1 1826 – 1835

Mr Ian Baxter, Ms Jenni Williams and Staff at the Heritage Council of Western Australia, Perth
Staff at the Geographic Names Section, Department of Land Information, Perth.
Mr Peter Mitchell
Mrs Marie-Louise and Mr David Wordsworth
Mr Peter Crowe
Dr Vivian Forbes, map curator, University of Western Australia
Mr Tony Caravella and Staff at the State Records Office of Western Australia, Perth
Dr Neville Marchant, Director, Herbarium, Department of Conservation and Land Management, Perth
Mrs Marlene Hardman and Mrs Eth Bianchi
Mrs Diana Fonti
Mr Ian Lyon
Mr Nick Underwood
Mr Graham Bown
Staff at the J. S. Battye Library of Western Australian History, Perth
Mr Graeme Powell, Manuscripts Librarian, and Staff at the National Library of Australia, Canberra
Ms Jane Johnson, State Library of New South Wales, Sydney
Shirley Barnes
Phil Bianchi
Peter Bridge
Gail Dreezens
Ian Elliot
Kim Epton
Brian Goodchild
Sheryl Milentis
Ian Murray
Howard Willis
Allan Zweck
Ian Johnson
Shoobert family

Acknowledgement for Maps and Images

Charts, maps and markings within the text have been digitally enhanced from copies of the originals by Joanne Shoobert.
Map pages 544-545 courtesy Battye Library.
Images page 560 courtesy Mr Geoff Blackburn.