Editorial Team – Vol1

Editorial Team – Western Australian Exploration Volume 1 1826 – 1835

Dr Ian Abbott ecologist, is the Senior Principal Research Scientist, Science Division, Dept of Conservation and Environment.. He has wide field experience and expertise in biogeography and historical ecology, as well as trees, birds and invertebrates. Since his first publication in 1970 he has published more than 200 papers.

Shirley Babis is a retired primary school teacher. She is a member of the Genealogical Society of Western Australia, and a foundation member of the Bayswater Historical Society and the Bassendean Historical Society. Shirley is the Treasurer and a proofreader for the Western Australian Explorers’ Diaries Project.

Shirley Barnes is a proofreader with the Western Australian Explorers’ Diaries Project. After more than 20 years experience in recreation and community planning, she is now retired. She lived for many years in rural areas, especially the Eastern Goldfields and has always been keenly interested in the human component of ‘communities’, including during the early years of settlement and the gold rushes.

Phil Bianchi is a bush historian and keen four-wheel driver.

Peter Bridge, OAM is a series editor of Western Australian Exploration and a founder of the project. He established Hesperian Press in 1969 and has produced over 500 publications, mainly on aspects of Australian history. His own published works include research and geological indices for the mining industry, several books and many edited collections and reminiscences.

Gail Dreezens is the typist for the Project. An amateur historian, her passion for Australian history has been further developed by travels throughout this country.

Kim Epton is a Series Editor and co-founder of the Western Australian Explorers’ Diaries Project.

Marion Hercock, FRGS, has a PhD from the University of Western Australia, where she is an Adjunct Research Fellow with the School of Earth and Environment. A geographer, her publications include works on environmental management and history, environmental resources, geographical thought and 19th century geographers, as well as tourism and recreation. She was the principal editor of Western Australian Exploration 1836–1845.

Sheryl Milentis is an historical researcher. Her interests are in early criminal history, prostitution and genealogy, with some 30 years research experience. She has contributed to a history of policing in Western Australia, and co-edited The Scarlet Stain, a social history of the early years of Kalgoorlie prostitution.

Ian Murray is a researcher of history, specialising in Western Australian 1890s gold towns, prospectors and place names. He is a volunteer in the Private Archive Section of the Battye Library.

Joanne Shoobert is a professional costume and set designer. Her university studies in history have been sidetracked by her pursuit of a certificate in graphic pre-press. She has been a long time member of various genealogical, history and military history societies.

Howard Willis is an editorial consultant and archival researcher with over 30 years experience in publishing and the book trade. He wrote Bad Blood, a study of New Zealand’s largest armed manhunt, and is preparing for publication a transcription and detailed annotation of Robert John Sholl’s 1865 (Camden Harbour) Journal. A regular book reviewer for the West Australian for 15 years, Howard also occasionally writes for the Canberra Times.

Allan Zweck is a farmer, local historian and genealogist.