Contributing Authors – Roe

Contributing Authors – The Western Australian Explorations of John Septimus Roe 1829 – 1849

Appendix on Fauna

Dr Ian Abbott, ecologist, Senior Principal Research Scientist, Science Division, Dept of Conservation and Environment. Has wide field experience and expertise in biogeography and historical ecology, as well as trees, birds and invertebrates. Since his first publication in 1970 he has published 180 papers.

Appendix on Flora

Dr Alex George worked at the Western Australian Herbarium from 1959 to 1981 and then spent twelve years in Canberra as Executive Editor of the Flora of Australia project. In 1993 he returned to Perth where he has his own consultancy as a botanist, editor and indexer. He has served twice at Kew as Australian Botanical Liaison Officer (ABLO)—in 1968 and 2004–05—and spent another year there when his partner Roberta Cowan was ABLO in 2002–03. His taxonomic research has focused on the families Proteaceae, Myrtaceae and Gyrostemonaceae, resulting in naming many new species and several new genera. He has also studied the botanical history of Australia.

Appendix on Navigation and Hydrography

Vivian Louis Forbes is a professional, practising cartographer, marine political geographer and lecturer in spatial sciences and marine affair. He was formerly a merchant naval officer, and has practical experience in terrestrial and hydrographic surveying.
He is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Earth and Environment, University of Western Australia, where he had been the Map Curator. A former Adjunct Associate Professor at the Department of Spatial Sciences, Curtin University, Dr Forbes continues to supervise students at UWA and Curtin University.
His research interests are in the disciplines of cartography, marine political geography and maritime studies. He lectures in these topics at home and abroad and has published widely on these themes. The main focus of his research is on maritime boundary delimitation and geopolitical issues.

Introduction to the 1836 Wongan Hills Expedition

Lesley Brooker has travelled extensively in the wheatbelt of Western Australia in a technical and research capacity for the CSIRO. She has authored and co-authored scientific papers on ornithology and habitat reconstruction. Lesley has a special interest in the geographical history of exploration in south-west Australia and has written four books on the subject.

Introduction to the Great Southern Expedition

Michael Lance is a farmer in the Great Southern whose interest in J.S. Roe’s explorations first brought him into contact with the Project.

Introduction to the 1848-49 Russell Range Expedition

Allan Zweck is a native of Blyth, South Australia who moved to Lake Grace as a new-land farmer from 1965 until retirement, when he became an enthusiastic family history researcher. While researching William Rudall, to whom his wife was related, he developed a great interest in the WA Explorers’ Diaries Project. Enthusiasm for the Project has been maintained by involvement as a Proofreader, by having a recognition of its uniqueness, and acknowledgement of the importance to collate such valuable documents.

His special attachment to this Volume comes from living and working on farming land that Roe had crossed during his major expedition south east to the Russell Range.